RIP Evernote Food. Long live Evernote

Evernote officially announced it will be stopping the development and support on Evernote Food. Although Evernote Food never got the audience it deserved, it still had a userbase who would use this app to record what they were eating without annoying people on Instagram with their food porn. And that is exactly what I used it for as well. Recording my meals in restaurants and clipping recipes.

But can’t you use Evernote itself for that? Of course you can and that is also why I never understood the seperate app in the form of Evernote Food. For starters, I really missed the ability to add items through a web interface or let alone view them without using Evernote Web.

Second, I like to structure the content of my notes. And Evernote Food was a great way to structure content of notes that contained food related information. But that was only food. And there is more content I want to structure. And I know I’m not alone. Of course you can use apps like Transpose, but that is a 3rd party app, has its own pricing model. Ow and the biggest turn-off is; unable to edit the notes from within Transpose. Which means you have to go to the note in Evernote and modify it there. For me, Evernote can gain a lot here. Either buy a company like Transpose, or create something similar which users can use to structure the content of their notes.

Want more food-centric apps to work with Evernote? Try the Evernote App Center. Still have the app installed? Evernote Food can be used until September 30th.

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