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The Forest of Enchantment [review]

Last Saturday, February 6th, we had the opportunity to see a preview of the Forest of Enchantment. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos/video, so no images to go along with this topic. Taking a photo could get you kicked out of the show and park. So I obliged and kept my camera in the bag.

We enjoyed the show, it was great to have a mix of all the different characters and songs come together. While all information was in French for this show, the singing was done in English. Which was great for us (my French is okay, but not good enough to follow an entire show). Other audience members were maybe not pleased with it.

From 10 February to 8 May 2016, The Forest of Enchantment: A Disney Musical Adventure will be performed 5 times a day, 7 days a week at The Chaparral Theatre in the heart of Frontierland in Disneyland Park.


If you don’t want to know anything, STOP READING NOW!

The show contains songs from;
– Jungle Book
– Tarzan
– Tangled
– Pocahontas
– Brave

The music choice was great. The singing wasn’t always the best, but this was one of the first performances in front of a real audience (except maybe CMs etc).

The staging is great. Great to see the trees move around and have them re-use several items on stage for other things. Like the rock being used as a chair for King Louie.

Few remarks

  • the beginning took too long, they can easily shorten that. Now it was almost a fifth of the total lenght of the entire show
  • The singing of Pocahontas isn’t the best. Not sure whether it was an equipment failure, or that the CM was nervous.
  • The Tarzan item has to be re-done. The swinging in the rope doesn’t add anything to the show itself. They can come up with other things, I know for sure
  • It was a shame that Merida didn’t do any of the singing, now she just ran over the stage shooting arrows (which was really clever though).
  • I missed an end-song in which all the characters would participate (short medly of the songs maybe?)

Having said all the above, it was a great new show and it shows the potential of the French team to bring amazing things to the theater. I saw the Frozen sing-a-long in Paris and in California, the Paris team outdid the California team by 10.000%.

Looking for photos or a video of The Forest of Enchantment?